OMG Weekend 18th-19th July 2014

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Our Mad Girls Weekend 2014

From the success of ManUp has come the potential of another fantastic weekend (24hours really) but this time it’s for Girls!!

Bev, Ayesha and SMYPs friend Ali Sheffield will be leading the 24hours of jam packed fun solely for girls. The discussions will be based around challenging stereotypes, becoming confident in who we were created to be and looking to who and where our inspirations come from.

All of those discussions will be mixed in with a whole load of activities based in the Wyre Forest at Coopers Mill.


For more information and bookings: Mark Greaves 07828 116810

ManUp 2nd-3rd May 2014

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ManUp is an event just for lads and was originally put together by Ben Mayho, Schools Christian Worker Project, Shropshire for guys in years 10-13. Through many discussions with Ben, John Prockter (Bridgnorth youth and schools project) and Mark Greaves (SMYP) the emphasis changed a little and we developed a different ManUp course to run alongside the original course.

ManUp 2014 was aimed at 14-16 year olds, focusing discussions on attitudes, inspirations and aspirations. These discussions were sandwiched between an intense 24hours in the middle of the Wyre Forest at Coopers Mill.

The lads got involved in all aspects of the course: Building bridges across a river, fire lighting, stick whittling, shelter building, dam building and tree climbing as well as a late night trip into the woods for a few wide games.

It was a great time where we were able to challenge the boys on what society tells them they should be as men and what the bible has to say about them being men. The discussions were fruitful and we all came away shattered but uplifted.


“It was so good, can you make it a full weekend next time”

“When’s the next one? I’m definitely coming to, just try and stop me!”

“I thought the leaders were good, especially when they did the talkie bits. They were really interactive.”


Please get in touch if you would like information about the next ManUp course.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

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Introduction to Rock Climbing

Climbing is one of the key activities provided by SMYP for young people and so we felt it was time to run a course devoted to it!

We started the course on the 1st April 2014 where we ran the course for 6 sessions. We, at SMYP feel that rock climbing is a fantastic sport which offers more than just exercise. It challenges mentally, physically and emotionally. Pushing boundaries and making the climber and belayer trust one another in quite an extrodinary way.

We started the course with 8 young people pairing up and learning to tie the correct figure ‘8’ knot and the other knots attributed to “tying in” and belaying. We moved on to learn climbing calls and then got straight into the skills of belaying. By week three almost everyone was competent in belaying and the climbing took a greater focus. We talked about movement, the importance of warming up and stretching and obviously techniques to aid climbing. By week six we had competitions and even had games like on Gladiators.

Due to poor weather we have yet to go on our full day trip, but the time will come soon and I’m sure that the 8 young people will excel on a real rock face.


We will be leading another Introduction to climbing course soon so please contact Mark to book in on the next course.

For more information contact Mark: 07828 116810

Climbing is a great sport which the leaders of SMYP feel passionately about. It develops and challenges young and old in ways that they may never realise until they do it!


Kinlet Hall Fundraising Dinner

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On April 12th we help our first fundraising dinner and it was an overwhelming success. Tickets sold out and we entertained 80 people with a drinks reception and four course dinner. Entertainment was supplied by Harpist Hannah Coleman during the drinks reception, and by “Highly Strung” (a Bridgnorth violinist) during dinner.
We used three splendid rooms at the hall for the event, and are indebted to the Engleheart family for their generosity in allowing us to use their home.
We thank Peter Fowkes sincerely for his very professional touch in acting as auctioneer towards the end of the dinner; also for all those who very generously gave us gifts to auction-this made £675.
In all the total raised was just over £1600.
A very big thank you to all our supporters! Look at the photographs to see what a wonderful event this was.

Christmas Newsletter Page 2

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We have developed our Encounter services for young people with the band getting bigger and better. We now meet fortnightly and are meeting in The Hub for the winter months as the church is too cold! Messy Sunday has also developed as a way of engaging families on a Sunday afternoon once a month. Games, crafts, songs and a meal for the whole family absolutely free. Many thanks goes to Bev Greaves for all of the effort and hard work that has gone into making that happen.

Looking back on 2013 gives a great opportunity to reflect upon the highs and lows of SMYP. Some of the ‘lows’ have included saying goodbye to some of our great volunteers; Mark Bunger is now leading youth work in Alverly and Ditton Priors as well as helping run “The Bridge” in Bridgnorth. Sammy Beresford is currently studying hoping to get involved with working with children in schools. We would like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past few years and we wish you all the best in the future.

Many of our ‘highs’ have come from the young people, through conversations we see young people develop. When we take them out of the everyday environment and push them to achieve we have been seeing amazing things.

Mark Greaves is a huge advocate for Rock Climbing. He enjoys climbing personally but sees the opportunities to develop young people through the physical exercise. It is great for confidence building even if you do not actually take part in climbing yourself. You can be a belayer and encourager for those climbing. It provides a great building block for trusting one another and helps focus the mind for the task in hand. SMYP is seeing the evidence of young people showing increased self-confidence in many areas of their lives and this is contributed to those taking part in this physically demanding and enjoyable exercise that is Rock Climbing.

We do not solely focus our time on Rock Climbing for self-esteem and confidence building. We have been in partnership with Cleobury Mortimer Primary School on a families Forest School experience. This has taken place throughout the year in the school holidays. Inviting children and parents to come and experience the forest. Making whistles, fires, shelters, cooking food and plenty of games. It gives an opportunity for the whole family to relax and enjoy a day out together and learn new skills too. Alongside the school holiday forest school program, we have also been running climbing day trips, activity days in St Mary’s Church and community action. All of these activities have been well attended and made for a fantastic year.


Encouraging one another

A big thank you to all the young people and their families for getting involved in all aspects of SMYP this year, whether it has been for Club nights, Forest Schools, Climbing trips, Discos, Encounter, Messy Sunday, Residential holidays or any other event…. THANK YOU.

Dancing in the sunshine

Onesie Time


Christmas Newsletter

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Christmas Newsletter page 1




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At last, after much planning & hard work, our new hub is to open on November 2nd. Initially to open 3 days a week after school, it will provide a café and meeting place for young people to meet and enjoy some leisure time.
Our sincere thanks go to the Minister and congregation of the Methodist church for allowing us to renovate their hall; the modernised facilities make this an ideal place to relax and enjoy refreshments and catch up with friends.

Shropshire Housing Association funding and carrying out the building work,  helped by youth members who had a big say in the design. Mark himself has worked very hard, removing stud walls, with a little help from keen members,  and rewiring to make the lighting modern and adaptable.

We are very grateful for grants from the Police Commissioners,  Parish Council, Cribbage League, Tuffins store  and personal donations. Without this financial support we would not have been able finish the project or furnish the room. We have purchased a Smoothie machine in the kitchen to provide healthy drinks, a new pool table, TV and sound system, all to make this a really great place for young people to enjoy, socialise and relax.


Summer Spree!

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Friday 12th of July saw young members go to Devon with Mark, Bev and Ayesha (plus some volunteers) for Spree 2013.  With the van packed to the hilt with food supplies, camping equipment and luggage they set off for the event. The glorious weather made the trip even more fun. As well as the opportunity to allow young people to worship and hear a little bit about God and all he does for them, different venues were provided to allow the young people to explore Christianity with other young people. Masses of outdoor activities filled the day as well, and all enjoyed the climbing wall, raft building, water games, bouncy castle and go karting. Many thanks to those who kindly gave food and drinks for the trip, it was greatly appreciated.


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Another out-door rock climbing trip was undertaken on April 8th, this time in the PEAK DISTRICT. 10 members and 6 leaders enjoyed a challenging day out again and enjoyed some classic routes including the “Chicken Run” and the “Rooster”.

Tuesday was taken up by trip to Laser Quest-the ever popular fun venue to let off steam and excess energy!

Wednesday  was another Church Fun day. 30 attended –  this is always such a popular event with masses of fun activities. It also involves much hard preparation moving all the chairs and heavy pews to make space for us all- and then putting it all back to normal.

Thursday was enjoyed by 13 members dressed in old stuff and wellies  as they undertook a huge project in the overgrown garden  the Primary School. After much hard work moving plants and a clearing very overgrown area a large space was prepared for the next phase planned- the creation of a giant Wigwam. Watch this space!

“Little Youthie”

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Little Youthie 11-14yrs

‘Little Youthie’ has a new starting time of 6.30pm. Due
to this change of time we are happy to say that the numbers have increased and
we are able to share our fun and games with many other young people.

We have introduced a lot of new, fun, creative and
exciting games and many new messy games for our youth group to enjoy.

We have just finished the cooking sessions with the
11-14’s and are now preparing for our 3-course meal that will be held in the
Parish Hall on the 19th February, where we have invited the families
of the young people taking part to enjoy a meal cooked by them.