At last, after much planning & hard work, our new hub is to open on November 2nd. Initially to open 3 days a week after school, it will provide a café and meeting place for young people to meet and enjoy some leisure time.
Our sincere thanks go to the Minister and congregation of the Methodist church for allowing us to renovate their hall; the modernised facilities make this an ideal place to relax and enjoy refreshments and catch up with friends.

Shropshire Housing Association funding and carrying out the building work,  helped by youth members who had a big say in the design. Mark himself has worked very hard, removing stud walls, with a little help from keen members,  and rewiring to make the lighting modern and adaptable.

We are very grateful for grants from the Police Commissioners,  Parish Council, Cribbage League, Tuffins store  and personal donations. Without this financial support we would not have been able finish the project or furnish the room. We have purchased a Smoothie machine in the kitchen to provide healthy drinks, a new pool table, TV and sound system, all to make this a really great place for young people to enjoy, socialise and relax.


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