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We have developed our Encounter services for young people with the band getting bigger and better. We now meet fortnightly and are meeting in The Hub for the winter months as the church is too cold! Messy Sunday has also developed as a way of engaging families on a Sunday afternoon once a month. Games, crafts, songs and a meal for the whole family absolutely free. Many thanks goes to Bev Greaves for all of the effort and hard work that has gone into making that happen.

Looking back on 2013 gives a great opportunity to reflect upon the highs and lows of SMYP. Some of the ‘lows’ have included saying goodbye to some of our great volunteers; Mark Bunger is now leading youth work in Alverly and Ditton Priors as well as helping run “The Bridge” in Bridgnorth. Sammy Beresford is currently studying hoping to get involved with working with children in schools. We would like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past few years and we wish you all the best in the future.

Many of our ‘highs’ have come from the young people, through conversations we see young people develop. When we take them out of the everyday environment and push them to achieve we have been seeing amazing things.

Mark Greaves is a huge advocate for Rock Climbing. He enjoys climbing personally but sees the opportunities to develop young people through the physical exercise. It is great for confidence building even if you do not actually take part in climbing yourself. You can be a belayer and encourager for those climbing. It provides a great building block for trusting one another and helps focus the mind for the task in hand. SMYP is seeing the evidence of young people showing increased self-confidence in many areas of their lives and this is contributed to those taking part in this physically demanding and enjoyable exercise that is Rock Climbing.

We do not solely focus our time on Rock Climbing for self-esteem and confidence building. We have been in partnership with Cleobury Mortimer Primary School on a families Forest School experience. This has taken place throughout the year in the school holidays. Inviting children and parents to come and experience the forest. Making whistles, fires, shelters, cooking food and plenty of games. It gives an opportunity for the whole family to relax and enjoy a day out together and learn new skills too. Alongside the school holiday forest school program, we have also been running climbing day trips, activity days in St Mary’s Church and community action. All of these activities have been well attended and made for a fantastic year.


Encouraging one another

A big thank you to all the young people and their families for getting involved in all aspects of SMYP this year, whether it has been for Club nights, Forest Schools, Climbing trips, Discos, Encounter, Messy Sunday, Residential holidays or any other event…. THANK YOU.

Dancing in the sunshine

Onesie Time


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