Introduction to Rock Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Climbing is one of the key activities provided by SMYP for young people and so we felt it was time to run a course devoted to it!

We started the course on the 1st April 2014 where we ran the course for 6 sessions. We, at SMYP feel that rock climbing is a fantastic sport which offers more than just exercise. It challenges mentally, physically and emotionally. Pushing boundaries and making the climber and belayer trust one another in quite an extrodinary way.

We started the course with 8 young people pairing up and learning to tie the correct figure ‘8’ knot and the other knots attributed to “tying in” and belaying. We moved on to learn climbing calls and then got straight into the skills of belaying. By week three almost everyone was competent in belaying and the climbing took a greater focus. We talked about movement, the importance of warming up and stretching and obviously techniques to aid climbing. By week six we had competitions and even had games like on Gladiators.

Due to poor weather we have yet to go on our full day trip, but the time will come soon and I’m sure that the 8 young people will excel on a real rock face.


We will be leading another Introduction to climbing course soon so please contact Mark to book in on the next course.

For more information contact Mark: 07828 116810

Climbing is a great sport which the leaders of SMYP feel passionately about. It develops and challenges young and old in ways that they may never realise until they do it!


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