ManUp 2nd-3rd May 2014

ManUp is an event just for lads and was originally put together by Ben Mayho, Schools Christian Worker Project, Shropshire for guys in years 10-13. Through many discussions with Ben, John Prockter (Bridgnorth youth and schools project) and Mark Greaves (SMYP) the emphasis changed a little and we developed a different ManUp course to run alongside the original course.

ManUp 2014 was aimed at 14-16 year olds, focusing discussions on attitudes, inspirations and aspirations. These discussions were sandwiched between an intense 24hours in the middle of the Wyre Forest at Coopers Mill.

The lads got involved in all aspects of the course: Building bridges across a river, fire lighting, stick whittling, shelter building, dam building and tree climbing as well as a late night trip into the woods for a few wide games.

It was a great time where we were able to challenge the boys on what society tells them they should be as men and what the bible has to say about them being men. The discussions were fruitful and we all came away shattered but uplifted.


“It was so good, can you make it a full weekend next time”

“When’s the next one? I’m definitely coming to, just try and stop me!”

“I thought the leaders were good, especially when they did the talkie bits. They were really interactive.”


Please get in touch if you would like information about the next ManUp course.

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